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In the short term, Lishui Q420C steel market price will be weak.
Now has entered the middle and late August, the late Q420C steel plate market demand will grow, but due to the large price fluctuations in the early period, and spot thick-walled steel pipe market prices continue to fall, resulting in a strong wait-and-see sentiment, the short-term market demand growth rate will not be too fast. As time goes on, terminal procurement may be liberalized, and the market price of Q420C steel plate may stabilize and rise. But at present, the market needs to be adjusted. In the short term, market prices will be volatile.  Considering the current market analysis, it is expected that the price of Q420C steel plate will be weakened in the short term.
今日开市,国内Q420C钢板市场价格趋于平稳。但后期二三线城市行情或受一线城市价格影响,价格逐步向稳定靠拢。就资源方面,目前整体市场资源量不多,但市场需求较少,供大于求的市场矛盾仍将持续上演,短期内或难以对 市场价格拉涨产生作用。
Today, the price of domestic Q420C steel plate is stable. However, the second and third-tier cities in the latter period or affected by the price of the first-tier cities, the price gradually closer to stability. In terms of resources, the overall market is not abundant, but the market demand is less, and the contradiction between supply and demand will continue to play a role in the short term or difficult to pull up market prices.
In terms of market demand, although the weather is getting cooler now, the overall market demand still needs a buffer period for a period of time, short-term Q420C steel plate Market wait-and-see sentiment will continue, late demand will slow growth. Www.otc768.com
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